Iorek and Lyra Snowglobe Enamel Pin

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“On, said the alethiometer. Farther, higher. So on they climbed.”

Based on one of our favourite parts of the His Dark Materials books, this stunning two piece enamel pin features Iorek and Lyra dashing through a snowy mountainscape whilst the northern lights glow in the background. Featuring snowy glitter, beautiful translucent enamel detailing, and delicate screenprinted details, this complex pin is sure to be a favourite in your collection. The best part? You can choose to wear both pins together, or take off the top pin to wear Iorek and Lyra separately!

The snowglobe pin measures 50mm in height, with Iorek and Lyra measuring 35mm at the widest point. This  luxury two piece hard enamel gold plated pin features glitter, translucent enamel, and screenprint. Due to the delicate nature of screenprint, please be careful when wearing this pin to keep it looking its best.

Each pin has 2 pin posts on the reverse with black rubber clutches (4 pin posts in total), and comes packaged on a backing card.

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This listing is for one set of 2 enamel pins.
Pins are gold plated, with the largest measuring 50mm in height, and the smaller pin measuring 35mm in width. Each pin has 2 black rubber clutches and it comes packaged on a backing card.

1 review for Iorek and Lyra Snowglobe Enamel Pin

  1. Lizzie (verified owner)

    This pin is amazing! Great quality and I love that you can wear Lyra & Iorek separately (even though they look so cute on their snowglobe) this is an absolute must-have for fans of Northern Lights.

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