Hi! I’m Charlotte and I run Bloomsbury Nook from the English/Welsh border! I’m a huge tea drinker who loves cats, crime fiction, and exploring new places.

Bloomsbury Nook started in 2017 under the name Lottiphillpotti (which was just my Instagram handle at the time!), but I have been drawing and doodling since I could hold a pencil. Initially Bloomsbury Nook was a place for literary gifts and prints, and whilst that is still a huge part of the goodies I make, Bloomsbury Nook has now expanded into all kinds of whimsical and quirky creations that come from my daydreams. I like to describe Bloomsbury Nook as being for people with a curious soul!

When you place an order, send us an email, like us on social media, it’s just me on the other side! I love the diversity of tasks I get to do whilst I manage Bloomsbury Nook, but it’s you guys who make it magic.

Thanks for stopping by – stay as long as you like and help yourself to a cuppa x