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The Bloomsbury Nook 2022 Christmas Gift Guide

It’s *that* time of year again…

Whether you’re Christmas shopping for friends, taking part in a secret santa at work, looking for stocking fillers, or searching for the perfect gift for your favourite person, we’re here to help you pick out the best enamel pins, stationery and accessories for them.

For Your Work Bestie

Give them some cute and cosy stationery to last the year – great for deadlines, reminders, and for jazzing up an office desk. Or how about a grumpy bear pin for those mornings where they need coffee before conversation?

For The Book Lover

Of course you’re going to buy them a book, but why not add an additional extra to make it a truly special gift? Our crabby bookmark is perfect to help them keep their place, or our bookish enamel pins let the world know how much they love books!

For The Explorers

They love being out in nature, so why not give them something floral that will last longer than a bouquet? Our floral washi will add a charming touch to their diary, and our leafy and flowery pins are perfect for putting on their exploring coat!

For The Caffeine Cravers

Listen, as much as we love tea, we also have a limit on how many mugs we need! Give your coffee and tea loving friends an alternative with some cute cup themed pins and stationery items.

Gifts for £5 and Under

Gifts for £10 and Under

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